• Robert Svoboda

  • Xinesi

The Xinesi is the leader and president of the Tejas Club. The responsibilities of this all-encompassing role include overseeing all aspects of the club’s current and future states, representing Tejas in all official matters and acting as a liaison with the Tejas Alumni Foundation. There are few greater honors within The Tejas Club than serving as Xinesi.

  • Arjun Mocherla

  • Vice-President

The Vice President plans and executes every Tejas Coffee for the semester, from securing speakers to event invitations and setup. Additionally, the Vice President also oversees all new members that are admitted to Tejas during the semester.

  • Connor Hughes

  • Secretary

The Secretary of the Tejas Club is responsible for taking notes at our meetings and guaranteeing that the club stays informed on all matters of importance. The Secretary is also in charge of honoring tradition by updating the various plaques seen around the Tejas House.

  • Ethan Balsamo

  • Business Manager

The Business Manager handles all finances of The Tejas Club. This responsibility includes both billing and payment and ranges from officer budgets, to membership dues, to rent and utility bills, to merchandise payments.

  • Zac Broderick

  • House Manager

The House Manager oversees the wellbeing of the Tejas House. House Managers are in charge of delegating chores to house inhabitants, maintaining consumable communal supplies within the house and attending to any limitations or growth required by our century old home.

  • Trevor Sivin

  • Kitchen Manager

The Kitchen Manager is in charge of maintaining the integrity of the kitchen within the Tejas House. The Kitchen Manager also coordinates Tejas Meal Plan, a dinner option available to club members and guests Sunday through Thursday each week.